welcome to my neocities. please read the about tab before following. the rest is extra info and more things about me.

main info
trans guy
17 (October 17th, 2000)
dating Flint

other info
functional bisexual
neutral good

I have a few mental things that can greatly affect my activeness in conversations and on social media, and sometimes I will not post for a long time because of it. I don't feel comfortable listing every detail about my mental health publically, though you can dm me about it if we're close.

I don't really have a dfi/byf, but I will not follow back if you're homophobic, transphobic, racist, are anti gun control/make fun of school shootings, a TERF, etc. I may also not follow back if we do not share a lot of similar interests/mutuals or if you do not have an about.
main ids
volkner (pokemon)
sebastian (stardew valley)
noctis lucis caelum (final fantasy)

minor ids
blaise (pokemon)
alucard (castlevania)
eizen (tales of)
gerome (fire emblem)
dulse (pokemon)

it's ok to follow if we share any, I don't take this kind of thing that seriously and I love doubles a ton.

there are a few more characters that I somewhat relate to, but I don't consider them to be ids and I don't list them. feel free to ask about them if you're curious at all.
main interests
dungeons & dragons
fire emblem (all but fates)
harvest moon (older games only)
rune factory
stardew valley
story of seasons
yu-gi-oh! (0/original/gx/5ds)

other interests
ace attorney
bravely default
devilman (original manga and ova only)
final fantasy
kingdom hearts
star ocean
tales of
xenoblade chronicles/xenoblade x

there's a few more but they're extremely minor and I don't tweet about them often.
me and my boyfriend

crouton crew

flint | celice | dee | luggi | noelle | julian

soggy fries

flint | morty | kirby | soren

best friends

silver | avery | flash | mocha | pluto

just dm me if you want to be on (I'll only put you on if we've talked before though).
places you can find me

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